Pax Choice Deck of Cards

September 26, 2019

  • When: 09/26/2019
  • Q: Wonder Woman
  • Pax: Valor, Smooth Operator,Tiny Dancer, Partly Cloudy, Snickers,

6 PAX made it out to Foxtrot on this beautiful Thursday morning. Valor, Smooth Operator and Wonder Woman hit it early for a few warm up laps. We got 3 miles in and we were ready.

We did a few more light warm up leg stretches, runners stretch, arm strength, etc as a group once we came together. Then we jumped in to our workout with a bang.  


Partner suicides – move up the cones as each person does their own count for each exercise. While one person does one run to the cone and back the other person does their exercises. 

B – 10 Burpees

O – 20 Overhead press

M – 30 Merkins

B – 40 Big Girl Sit-ups

S – 50 Squats

We made it all the way down and back up the series.

Then we did a big lap together stopping at a few spots to do squats, hallelujahs, and walking lunges. We then found our mates for some ab work and after workout stretches. Smooth Operator has show us the importance of stretching and we a better for it.

Wonder Woman_GA
Wonder Woman_GA

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