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Oh my goodness, y’all.  These ladies are rockstars.  This beatdown was harder than I thought it would be and they rocked it with very little complaining (mostly from myself).  I’m sore today so maybe it was effective.  I’m so happy they decided to join me on this hot evening.  We did have a cool breeze that would flow thru from time to time to cool it down a little.  This AO has shade so that made it more bearable as well.

Warm up:

Static stretches, jumping jacks, toy soldiers

The Thang:

We did 1:4 ratio for each of our exercises.  Each one hit different muscles.  You start with one of an exercise and 4 of another.  Each round you go up by 1 on the first exercise and by 4 on the other one.  So you go 2 & 8, 3 & 12, and on and on and on until you hit 10 & 40.  The first few rounds of each one were pretty easy.  But when you hit round 6 or 7 they start to hurt and by the time you are done, you no longer feel like you can move that body part anymore.

Joan of Arms

1 bicep curl to 4 around the worlds

Lt Dan

1 squat to 4 lunges

Captain Thor

1 big girl sit up to 4 Russian twists

Jack Webb

1 push up to 4 hallelujahs

In between each group of exercises we took a lap.

At the end we had time for just a few stretches, COT, and name o rama.

Don’t forget the Travis Manion Foundation 5K at Etowah River Park this Saturday, Sept 7th, at 8:00 am.  We will have same day registration if you didn’t register in advance.  It will be a fun time.  Both normal AO beatdowns have been cancelled Saturday so you can all join us at the 5K.

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