100 of WHAT?

22 PAX at Foxtrot on a beautiful, sunny & warm afternoon in the park. Not too hot with the perfect amount of wind to keep us cool as we all worked hard on making ourselves just a little bit better …. together!! 


Stretching – Arms circles, runner stretch, leg pulls, knee pulls, ab & back pulls/stretch & a warm up lap. 

100 reps of each exercise

First PAX to reach 100 says done! And everyone stops where they are and runs 200 meters (or whatever distance you want) 

Imperial Walkers




Monkey Humpers

Flutter kicks



We did 5 Star Jumps as a group in between our 100 and our lap. Then I lead the last 30 Star Jumps to add up to 100 Star Jumps.

COT – Nameorama – Named the 6 FNG’s – Welcome Sparkles, Ninja, Fireball, Summit, Tea Time & Cadbury!! We are all so glad you joined us and we will see you soon at another workout. 

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