11’s and Abs

Six lovely PAX joined me for a cloudy and humid beatdown at Foxtrot Wednesday night. We started with some warm up arm circles, high knees, and toy soldiers in cadence. While we did that I shared the disclaimer and then moved on to The Thang.

The Thang

The standard 11s format was used for this beatdown, which means that for each round there were two exercises and you would alternate between them adding up to 11 each time. A line of cones was placed about 25-30 yards away from the concrete area where the mats were laid out. We started with inchworms (10 of them!!) on the mats and then ran to the cones where we did 1 jumpsquat. We then ran back to the mats and did 9 inchworms and then ran to the cones and did 2 jumpsquats, and so on until we reached 10 jumpsquats and 1 final inchworm! We took a water break and then moved on to round 2.

Round 2 consisted of donkey kick sets (rather than one leg equals 1, both legs counted as 1) and overhead presses. We put the weights by the cones so we could use the mats for donkey kicks. I demonstrated “angry Donkey Kicks” for those who wanted to modify to a higher intensity. Some PAX opted to start with overhead press and others chose donkey kicks. So we continued with the exercises until we got through from 10 to 1 and 1 to 10.

We then had time for a round of Abs PAX choice, which included Russian twists, LBCs, reverse crunches, Bourbons, plank jacks, scissor kicks, leg lifts, boat canoes, raggedy anns, and imperial walkers.

We finished with prayer requests and Nameorama, naming our FNG VetFlix.

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