1st Day of Spring Training

Spring is in the air!! Hallelujah! (You will get that later)  6 Pax came out to enjoy the Spring Training put forth before them in “The Arena” today! We had buckets of fun!

We started with warm up stretches, windmills, arm/leg swings then a quick lap (up the stairs, around & back down to mats)

The Thang

-Alternating Bucket of Arms & Bucket of Legs that consisted of various reps/exercises. The ladies ran to the bucket (OYC) to start, pulled an exercise stick, ran back to their mat (or appropriate place) to do that exercise, then did the same for the opposite bucket, alternating for 15 minutes.

-Ran a lap, but not without stopping at the top for a song challenge, where we did Hallelujahs to  Moby’s  Flower (aka The Sally Song). We were all feeling very brawny in the beginning with our weights in hand but the one left standing was a very determined Freckles!! Weights in hand the entire time!! Congrats girl!! You Rocked!!

-Bucket of Abs for 10 min. We each took turns choosing an exercise stick & worked together as a group.

-Ran a lap

-We had about 5 min to spare so we each chose a an exercise stick from the bucket of abs before stretching it out.

We finished with a very heartfelt & thankful COT &  prayer! Hugs, tears, & laughter!  What a wonderful way to kick off Spring! Love you FiA sisters!!

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