2/20 Ring of Fire

4 beautiful ladies joined me bright and early this super cold windy morning at our new AO, The Union! We bounced around to keep warm, and then jumped into the warm-up so we did not turn into icicles! Brrrrr!
We started off with some stretches for both our arms and legs, then in cadence we did through the tunnels, toy soldiers, and arm circles.

Then on to the Thang:

To get ready for the Terrain Race this Saturday, that many of us are working towards, I figured some cardio and “obstacles” were in order.  Here was the plan:

The large, well lit bus parking lot was a great place to get in some laps.  We started with 2 laps, and stayed close to the edge of the lot.  This got us about 1/2 mile.  Then back to our mats for some “obstacles”, and we worked our way on down the list.  Check my corrections below for the exercise names.  I had a few that needed to be “tweaked”!

2 Laps (1/2 mile)

With Weights in hand:

-20 Bicep Curls

-20 Squats

-20 Calf Raises

2 Laps (1/2 mile)

-20 Shoulder Press

-20 Alternating Lunges (we did 20 each leg)

-20 Big Girl Sit-Ups

2 Laps (1/2 mile)

-20 Merkins

-20 Jump Squats

-20 LBC’s

2 Laps (1/2 mile)

-20 Tricep Press

-20 Narrow Squats

-20 (sec) Plank

After The 3rd Run, we took a break and did the “Ring of Fire”.  Apparently this is already a thang, so my rendition is a little different.  We played the song “Ring of Fire” with the version by Johnny Cash.  Each time there was a horn blown, we did a burpee.  For the rest of the song, you hold the chair position in air (aka tree hugger).  You can also wait until the end of the beatdown to do this.  We took a break, and inserted it into the rotation, so those that needed to leave a little early would still get to give it a go!

After all of that, we had a few minutes left, so we threw in the Baby Shark challenge! (Thank you Partly Cloudy!)

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LurCQ9XGkt0?feature=oembed&w=1220&h=686]

Then we circled it up for announcements, prayers for our FiA sisters and their families, and ended with the name-o-rama.  What an awesome start to the week!  Love my FiA sisters and how you motivate, support, and love each other too!


Adhoc Beatdown next week (March 13) at Foxtrot at 6 pm!!!  Kids welcome (as always :)!

Spring Fling will be at 3 p.m. on March 24!  Please help and sign up for contributions to this fun event!  The location may change, so make sure you check that as well as we move forward.

We are in the process of raising money for our new AO flag for The Union!  Diggity Dog and Valor are happy to take any funds you may have to contribute, or Partly Cloudy can as well via Paypal!  [email protected]

Make sure you are checking off those Bingo boxes!!

Love you all!! Have an awesome week!!!!!

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