We had 8 PAX show up on a stunningly beautiful morning! We did a welcome 2019 workout by running through 20 exercises with 19 reps as our count.  Oh and we had a bonus of 19 Burpee‘s overall!

 The first three rounds we did seven minute AMRAP,  but for the sake of time our last two rounds were only five minute  AMRAP. After the timer went off for each round we would run a lap and then do a specified number of burpees!

Round 1:

7 minute AMRAP

19 alt squat/squat jumps
19 hammer curls
19 flutter kicks
19 jumping jacks

Run a lap and do 6 burpees

Round 2:

7 minute AMRAP

19 alternating lunges
19 angry donkeys
19 bridge tap outs
19 bicycles

Run a lap and do 5 burpees

Round 3:

7 minute AMRAP

19 deadlifts
19 push ups

19 sit ups
19 mountain climber sets

Run a lap and do 4 Burpees

Round 4:

minute AMRAP

19 Russian twist sets
19 bear side to side sets
19 overhead press
19 plank jacks

Run a lap and do 3 burpees

Round 5:

5 minute AMRAP

19 Shoulder taps
19 upright rows
19 sumo scissors
19 jump ropes

Run a lap and do 1 burpee

We finished up with our COT and appropriately named our new music loving hairdresser HAIRSPRAY! Welcome! We were so glad to have you out today!!

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