Trick or Treat

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16 PAX came out early on Halloween Eve morning to Trick or Treat! AND IN COSTUME! We started with a quick warm up IC with jumping jacks, arm circles, and…

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Spooky Spelling

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  When: 10/29/2018 Q: Valor Pax: Tiny Dancer, Thunderstruck, Snickerdoodle, Shape Shifter, Rocky Top, Kodak We had 7 Pax come out for some Halloween themed spelling fun! We did a…

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Jenga & Onesies

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When: Q: Pax: Dreary weather didn’t stop 8 PAX from getting it done this morning.  We even had a FNG despite the chilly wet weather (welcome Peaches)!  We broke up…

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Anniversary VQ

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When: 10/27/2018 Q: Smooth Operator Pax: Straight Shooter, Ace, Fixer Upper, Whole Coconut, Partly Cloudy It was 1 year ago when I started my journey with FiA leading the way.…

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Foxtrot Leg Day

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When: Q: Pax: When: Oct 25, 2018 Q: Party Cloudy PAX:  Shrinky Dink, Tri-County, FNG (Angel) McCona-HEY, Namaste, Straight Shooter, Valor, Rocky Top, Snickerdoodle, Thunderstruck, Chocolate Chip, Sugarland, Smooth Operator,…

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Total Body HIIT

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When: 10/22/2018 Q: Pinterest Pax: Valor, Snickerdoodle, Tiny Dancer, FNG Mikaela (Globe Trotter), Pinterest Feeling a nice chill in the air this morning… Warmed up nicely throughout the workout though.…

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Sandbag Saturday

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When: 10/20/2018 Q: Partly Cloudy Pax: Ace, Cornerstone, Fixer Upper, Tri-County, Cheeze-It, Valor, Straight Shooter, Chocolate Chip, FNG Jody Roberts (Great Falls) 10 Beautiful PAX joined me at Foxtrot on…

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Total Body Tables

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When: 10/20/2018 Q: Tiny Dancer Pax: Duckie, Thunderstruck, Harley Quinn, Veena, Salsa Verde, Tiny Dancer 6 PAX got a total body workout at The Thicket on 10/20/2018. Props to Harley…

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Ringing Bells & Cirque Abs

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The Thang: Whole Coconut set up a triangle of stations about 30 yards apart from each other.  Station 1 had her detergent Bells. 7 rounds, 1 minute of exercise with…

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Tabata HIIT, Abs & Push-up Hallelujahs!

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  When: 10/18/2018 Q: Pinterest Pax: Wonder woman, chocolate chip, tiny dancer, harley quinn, Tri-County, Board-O, Rocky Top, Partly Cloudy, Sugarland, Shrinky-dink, Straight Shooter, Smooth Operator, Snickerdoodle, Pinterest It was…

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