Doracides Make A Splash

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14 PAX arrived to Foxtrot this morning despite the threat of Doracides and rain.  The weatherman nailed his forecast, because the rain started right at 6 am, just as predicted.…

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Against The Wall February 26, 2019 When: 02/26/2019 Q: Trailblazer (VQ) Pax: Max, Pinterest, Straight Shooter, Harley Quinn, Board-o, Smooth Operator, Wonder Woman, Little Mermaid, Suba Steve, Eagle Eye, Sugarland,…

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5 PAX at our NEWEST AO The Union on this DRY morning in Georgia. We have been so flooded and soggy here for what feels like forever so it has…

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Five Course Meal/Workout

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14 PAX at AO The Den – The rain came a little bit earlier than intended, but we still were able to get the workout in thanks to the lovely…

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A Test of Strength

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Sixteen PAX came to Foxtrot this morning for their chilly Saturday Beatdown.  Thankfully the rain stopped and we were able to do our Beatdown on dry mats.  Today was a…

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Valentine’s Day Words of Love

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19 beautiful women braved the cold for a Valentine’s Day Words of Love Beatdown.  We did some light stretching to warm up and then played a game of Have you…

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Better Together: Partner UP

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6 PAX and 5 littles finished out a misty beatdown at the Thicket this morning.FNG Kelly, now Canon85, is a photographer who loves her Canon camera and 85 lens.  She…

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Pyramid of Pain (again)

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There were 20 beautiful faces bright and early at Foxtrot this morning!  The weather was amazing (60 degrees on a February morning? I’ll take it!) and the company was even…

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February PT Test!February 4, 2019 When: 02/04/2019 Q: Tiny Dancer Pax: Caddy Shack, Hairspray, FNG Stitch, Tiny Dancer “Shackles off my feet so I can dance. I just want to…

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