Hello Summer!

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Genesis Backblast: Army PT Test May 31, 2019 When: 05/30/2019 Q: Laffy Taffy Pax: Tomahawk Chop, Laffy Taffy Two pax showed up for a HOT beatdown at Ball Ground Elementary…

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Friday Fabulous-ness!

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3 PAX at AO The Hideout – The warmer weather is so wonderful. But can be too hot for a run in the evening. So I drove to the AO early…

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Let’s Go Crazy

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A total of 8 pax gathered together today to get through this thing we call life…you know the rest! I hope! If not, we went Crazy with our Prince playlist!…

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Stars and Stripes

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Caterpillars, Centipedes, and Worms – Oh My! May 28, 2019 When: 05/27/2019 Q: Pinterest Pax: Kodak, Hairspray, yellow tulip, Mariposa, Rise up, Luna, Straight Shooter, Pinterest It’s Memorial Day… today…

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Total Body Beatdown

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18 Pax got together on Memorial Day weekend for a Total Body Beatdown! The weather was beautiful but hot! The Thang We warmed up with shoulder shrugs, arm circles, front…

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Play ball… FiA style! May 27, 2019 When: 05/27/2019 Q: Wonder Woman Pax: Smooth Operator, Partly Cloudy, Inspector Gadget, Board-O, Bourbon, Risie-Up, Chocolate Chip, Trailblazer 9 PAX at AO The…

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Stars out on Saturday Morning

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7 PAX at AO The Thicket this beautiful & hot summer Saturday morning. All these amazing ladies did not hit snooze, got out of bed, got dressed and got it…

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Square of Abs

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3 PAX came out this morning to the Hideout to get a good start to their Friday! We started with Catch Me If You Can. We partnered up; one person…

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Ok Ladies Now Let’s Get In Formation

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birthday Burnout May 23, 2019 When: 05/23/2019 Q: Laffy Taffy Pax: Straight Shooter, Riggins, Denali, Laffy Taffy, FNG's Alice (Big Blue) & Annabelle (Lyric) Six pax showed up on this…

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ABCS Dora-cides

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There were 12 amazing PAX this morning at Foxtrot for the ABC’s Dora-cides beatdown. We got through 2 rounds and were about to start the third when time was up.…

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