Deck of Fun?

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Playground “fun” June 28, 2019 When: 06/22/2019 Q: Harley Quinn Pax: Homeland, Salsa Verde, Dunkin, Hairspray, Perogi 6 PAX came out for a humid Saturday beatdown. We started with some…

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Glorious Sunrise Workout

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9 PAX at AO Foxtrot this morning. 9 beautiful ladies set that alarm, got up before the sun and pushed themselves out the door to get it done. These awesome…

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Suicides and DORAs

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There were 5 PAX at this humid evening beat down. We were all thankful the sun wasn’t blazing down on us, but that humidity paired with a tough workout will…

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See You When I See You at The Den

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13 PAX kicked some running butt at The Den this morning!  There definitely wasn’t a whole lot of breath available for talking, but Yellowstone managed to share that our beautiful…

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Challenge = Change

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I am so grateful for these 8 strong ladies that showed up with me this morning for a self-challenging beat down! After the disclaimer & brief explanation of the workout…

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Bootleg Day!

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6 awesome FiA sisters joined me bright and early this morning at The Union! It was great to see their beautiful faces, and get the party started!  Our focus this…

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Friday Night (Morning) Lights

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2 PAX came out this beautiful morning to enjoy the Friday “night” lights by grabbing a stadium workout! We went from the Hideout location down to the Track/Football Field (1/4…

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Fri-yay Run: Reverse Edition

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Flex Friday! June 21, 2019 Roundabout Frenemies June 21, 2019 When: 06/21/2019 Q: Whole Coconut Pax: Wonder Woman, Anchor, Guac Today’s mission: finish the run strong. 4 PAX gathered at…

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