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It was a beautiful late summer Saturday morning at Foxtrot today!!! We had a nice cool breeze blowing and the sun was shining nice a warm…. a few PAX came…

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College football kickoff

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College football begins today so we got together to kick it off! 8 pax total for a competitive game of football. First we warmed up while I explained the workout.…

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Triple Jump!

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7PAX at AO The Lair this morning. On this beautiful cool morning 7 ladies showed up to make it happen. Below the stairs is my usual set up location, because…

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Crazy 8s at the #Hideout

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Tabata Jams August 30, 2019 When: 08/30/2019 Q: Shrinky Dink Pax: Yellowstone, Fresh Cotton, Killa The morning was cool and so were the ladies who joined me today for a…

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Would You Rather….

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Pyramid of Pain August 29, 2019 When: 08/29/2019 Q: Laffy Taffy Pax: Straight Shooter, Healthy Mama, Sporty Four PAX met at the Rock for a shady, breezy fun filled beatdown.…

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Hungry Hungry Hippos

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Hungry Hungry Hippos 14 Pax showed up to play an adult version of Hungry Hungry Hippos! There air was cool and refreshing and gosh aren’t we all just READY. FOR.…

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On the move

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So 8 PAX joined me today to get our sweat on and i really was sweaty like dripping that 9:30 time is so HOT!!!! Of course a few of us…

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Bruce Lee

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Comet Backblast: Tabatas & More August 26, 2019 When: 08/22/2019 Q: Chocolate Chip Pax: Rise Up, Straight Shooter, Smooth Operator, Whole Coconut, Guac, Sugarland, Magnolia, Inspector Gadget, Partly Cloudy, Rescue,…

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43 years young

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Back to School Tour August 26, 2019 When: 08/26/2019 Q: Hairspray Pax: Pinterest, Rise up, Mariposa, Fast Forward, Tiny Dancer, FNG Pacido, Free Weights, Stitch, Von Trapp, Canon, FNG Rouge.…

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Friday Night Lights

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500 reps to make you Sweat! August 26, 2019 When: 08/26/2019 Q: Sugarland Pax: Guac, Spokes, Diggity Dog, Smooth Operator, Rescue and ME~Sugarland 6 strong PAX showed up to start…

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