25 days till Christmas

3 PAX came out on this cold dreary day! We are so lucky to have a large pavillion at The Thicket to keep us dry on these wet days.

~The Thang~

We decided to skip the warm up and jump straight into it. Today is December 1st, so we did 25 exercises for 25 days till Christmas! We did each exercise for one minute each, and did two rounds of the exercises. We listened to Christmas music to get us in the festive spirit!

The exercises:

Plank, push ups, tricep kick backs, lunges, shoulder press, sumo squats, weighted tricep dips, bicep curls, back flys, narrow squats, arm swimmers, monkey humpers, russian twists, donkey kicks, fire hydrants, weighted deadlifts, weighted standing obliques, squats, bicycles, upright row, curtsy squats, LBCs, supermans, scissors, and chest press.

We finished up with the name-o-rama, a prayer, and coffeeteria.

Thank you so much ladies for coming out on this cold wet day!


❤🖤Harley Quinn ❤🖤

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