30 seconds…. is how long?

Nine lovely ladies came out this morning to our AO at The Union to join e for my VQ! To say that I was nervous would be a tad bit of an understatement but I knew these ladies would have my back, even if things turned sour! I will admit, the weather was a tad chiller than any of us were wanting this morning but we warmed up quickly.

We started with a quick but through warm up… we did each move for 30 seconds.

Jog in place

Torso rotations

Shoulder rolls front

Shoulder rolls back

Chest Openers

Body Weight Squats

Alternating Toe Taps/leg extensions

Then we took a quick mosey/jog down the bus lane and back.

On to the thang…we did each exercise for thirty (30) seconds and at the end of each line, we rested fo it thirty seconds. At the start the thirty seconds seemed like a long time, but I think we needed it towards the end. At least I did!

-squats, rest for 30 seconds

-squats, squat jacks, rest for 30 seconds

-squats, squat jacks, jump squats, rest for 30 seconds

-squats, squat jacks, jump squats, fast feet, rest for 30 seconds

-squats, squat jacks, jump squats, fast feet, burpee’s, rest for 1 minute.

We then picked up our weights and got to work on building some muscles. We did each move for thirty (30) seconds. I encouraged the PAX to do each move at half time and engage the time under tension rather than go for rep count. Our moves were as follows:

-decline press

-chest fly

-rotation chest press

-single side crusher

-triceps press

-upright row

-dead lifts

-full curl

-Y raise

After we finished them moves and caught our breath for a quick second we ran to the end of the bus line and back. We had plenty of time left so we started back on the 30 seconds moves, but started at the bottom line and move our way up.

-squats, squat jacks, jump squats, fast feet, burpee’s, rest

-squats, squat jacks, jump squats, fast feet, rest

-squats, squat jacks, jump squats, rest

-squats, squat jacks, rest,

-squats, rest…

We had just enough time to squeeze in three abs exercise at 30 seconds each, twice through.

-Dumbbell flitter kick

-Side reach, penguins, reach your little toe, thingy, or what ever you want to call them!

-Rope Climb

We did a little light stretching to cool us down and circled up for our COT. We lifted those who couldn’t be with us today, unspoken and spoken prayers. We are all keeping Shrinky Dink’s hubby in our prayers as he continues his treatment.

Thanks to everyone who came out to support me on my first Q! Love you all!

Originally posted to FiA Nation