4 for 4

4 pax came out to the arena for some workout fun and stretching. First we warmed up with jumping jacks and toy soldiers in cadence plus some arms circles.

We did a round of Jack Webb’s with Pushups and Hallelujah‘s. Keeping a total of 11, we did 1 push up to 10 hallelujahs, 2 pushups to 9 hallelujahs, 3 pushups to 8 hallelujahs, etc. till we reached10 pushups to 1 hallelujahs.

Then we did a round of Lt. Dana with a 1:4 ratio increasing till we reached 10:40, squats:walking lunges.

Next we did a round of bag of abs for a total of 8 an exercises.

We finished our workout with a set of yoga sequence where we did yoga moves in sequence, holding poses for a count of 5 before going to the next pose.

Thanks everyone who came out!

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