5 Alive

18 PAX started their day at Foxtrot on Saturday!  My youngest turned 5 on Tuesday so this one was all about 5!!

We started with a few warm up exercises and an indian run and then got to it!

The Thang:

We did 5 rounds of the below 5 exercises:

5 Bicep Curls, 10 Overhead Press, 15 Merkins, 20 Around the World, 25 Lateral Raises

After the last round we ran a quick lap around the playground, then partnered up for our 5 minute Doras.   We did each Dora for 5 minutes each:

1: PAX A – plank while PAX B ran to the bathrooms, did 20 squat jumps and ran back to PAX A, switch and repeat for the full 5 minutes!

2: PAX A – air chair, while PAX B Duck Walked to bathrooms, did 20 lunges (total) and duck walked back, switch and repeat

3: PAX A – Monkey Humpers, while PAX B ran to the bathrooms, 20 curtsy lunges (total) and ran back, switch and repeat

4: PAX A – Star Jumps, while PAX B bear crawled to the bathrooms, did 20 Sumo Squats and bear crawled back, switch and repeat

We circled up for COT and name-o-rama!

We are growing like crazy ladies – watch Slack and Facebook for reminders and info on new/ad hoc locations!!

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