7 of Diamonds and Bruce Lee

10 PAX joined me at Foxtrot for a hot and sunny Beatdown. We got started with arm circles, windmills, through the tunnels, and some side shuffling around cones I had set up to look like a baseball diamond.

Then we got to work on a 7 of diamonds.  We go around to each “base” and perform the same exercise and number of reps.  When we got to home, we completed our reps then held plank until everyone returned.  Then we went around again increasing reps of a different exercise.  7 rounds, all reps multiples of 7.

1. 7 Squat Jacks

2. 14 Monkey Humpers

3. 21 Sumo Squats

4. 28 Around the Worlds

5. 21 Calf Raises

6. 14 Scarecrows

7. 7 Figure 4 Squats

Those reps at each base sure do add up.  The around the worlds have my shoulders really hurting!

We went back to our mats for some Bruce Lee time.  6 an exercises, followed by a lap.  We made it through 4 rounds, increasing the reps by 5 (each side) each time.



Russian Twists


Upward Alternating Toe Touches

Flutter Kicks


We circled up for a prayer and our Name-O-Rama.  We welcomed and named Whamo, our FNG.  The PAX were quiet, which hopefully means I wore them out.  😁

Once we finished and started packing up, I turned to see the flag missing.  I scanned the playground to see who had taken it.  Then I spotted my daughter standing on the BIG rock waving the flag.  I had to get a picture.  I love the example we are setting for our children – they are learning to be healthy, to be social, to care for others, and to lead.

FiA social on May 18th – Mark your calendar!  Details to come.

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