A 7/11 Celebration

Today is July 11th and what better way to celebrate slurpee day than with 12 PAX at Foxtrot for an early morning Beatdown?  It was hot and humid, but visions of slurpees danced through our heads.

We started out with a game of Would You Rather for our warm up.

Would you rather eat a Cherry slurpee or Lime?  Side shuffle left for cherry, right for lime, to the cones and back.

Would you rather go to a 7-11 or Racetrac gas station? Back pedal left for 7-11, right for Racetrac, to the cones and back.

Would rather stop to use the facilities at a gas station or rest area?  Left grapevine for gas station, right grapevine for rest area.

Would you rather have a slurpee or ice cream?  Gorilla walk left for slurpee, right for ice cream.

Once we shared a few laughs and felt our heart rate up, we got started in the Thang: 7-11

First Up was a round of Sevens with jump squats and star jumps, with walking lunges in between.  So we started with 1 jump squat, walk-lunged to the cones, did 6 star jumps, then walk-lunged back. Then we did it again, but with 2 jump squats and 5 star jumps.  We kept going with our reps always adding up to 7 until we were at 6 jump squats and 1 Star jump.  The walking lunges between were a killer, but everyone stuck with it.  I am always impressed with Chocolate Chip’s low lunges.  Her knee hits the ground every time.

As PAX finished, they went back to their mats for water, a sweat towel wipe, and a round of arms:

7 Bicep Curls, 7 Rows, 7 Tricep Kickbacks, 7 Around the Worlds

Once everyone was done and caught their breath, we got started on our next round: Elevens

Same concept only reps always add up to 11.  We did push ups and Squats, with running in between.  Whole Coconut crushed it, finishing a whole round before everyone else!

The front runners completed the arm circuit, only with reps of 11 this time until everyone was done.

Then we had just enough time left for some abs and stretching.

LBCs, Leg Lifts, Bourbons, and Vertical Toe Touches

We completed reps of 7 each, then took a moment.  Mumble chatter was at a record high at this point since I said 7  Bourbons each side.  We did the ab circuit again with 11 reps, then a threw in 7 in and outs and 11 Indian style crunches because they are my favorite and it was hilarious to hear the outcry and grumbling.  Your welcome my friends.

We had a few minutes left to stretch, take a pic, pray and close with our COT.  It was a great workout!

Don’t forget we have a social THIS Saturday!  5:00 pm Riverstone Corner Bistro.  The kids and F3s are NOT invited.  Mama needs a break, and a nice meal wearing nice clothes, and maybe a fun drink at her favorite Bistro.  😁

❤️, ⛅️

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