A Conveyor Belt and Bat Wings

What a wonderful Tuesday!  The kids are going back to school, the temperatures are above freezing, and we had 17 PAX at The Den this morning!  So many wonderful ladies got up early and got in their their workout this morning, before getting the kids off to school.  It was warmer than expected, so after greeting one another and shedding a layer, we got started with our warm up.

We stretched out our arms and legs, then completed 4 rounds of Happy Jacks.  Next we went on an Indian Run around the parking lot.  As we sprinted to the front, we called the sweet that we are missing the most now that diet season is upon us.

The Thang: A Conveyor Belt

We has 6 stations set up.  Each labeled with a different leg exercise.  Each Pax was assigned a stating station.  We completed the exercise at our station for 1 minute.  Then we had 20 seconds to lunge walk to the next station, Conveyor Belt Style.  Those at station 1 ran to the last station.  We went through each station on the whole Conveyor Belt 3 times.

1. Narrow Squat with Kickbacks

2. Single Leg Dead Lifts

3. Monkey Humpers

4. Slow Prisoner Jump Squats

5. Figure 4 Squats

6. Bear Squats

After we completed our Conveyor Belt, we circled up for some Bat Wings.  The key to Bat Wings is to keep your arms up the whole time, until the Q releases you.

Bat Wings: 20 Arm circles forward and hold.  20 Arm circles backward and hold.  20 Seal claps (arms stretched out, clap in front of body) and hold.  20 Overhead claps and hold until Q releases you.  So, simple, but it is hard to keep those arms up between exercises.  We did this twice.  I wanted to do a third round, but I promised Bag of Abs to check off a Bingo Box.

So, Bag of Abs was next.  A few PAX drew sticks out of the bag to reveal our Ab exercises.

Indian Style Crunches

Pilates 100

Russian Twists

Cross Crunches

and Bicycles

We ended right on time and gathered quickly for a picture, a prayer, and our COT.

We have a few newbies who not only came back, but have been killing it at each workout.  It is so wonderful to have you with us and see the delight in your eyes.  I am so glad you found us and hope you keep coming back time and time again.

We missed you Chocolate Chip and Shrinky Dink – hopefully we will see you Thursday!

Thanks for coming out to play with me this morning!

❤️, ⛅️

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