A Spring Accumulator

Today is the first day of Spring!  Thank goodness – this winter has lasted too long.  22 wonderful PAX came out to Foxtrot to join us for our second ever evening Beatdown.  We started with my favorite warm up game: Never Have I Ever!

Never Have I Ever: yes side shuffles right, no side shuffles left

– Never Have I ever owned a cat

– Never Have I Ever been to Alaska

– Never Have I Ever had braces

– Never Have I Ever played a musical instrument

– Never Have I Ever ridden a passenger train

– Never Have I Ever danced on a stage

– Never Have I Ever lied to a child

– Never Have I Ever Qed a FiA workout

This game always get us warm.  Layers were shed and we started on our Spring Accumulator.  We spelled out SPRING starting with 5 Reps of each exercise, followed by a run to the monument, 5 Hillbillies at the monument, then run back.

S – Shoulder Taps

P – Push Ups

R – Rows

I – In & Outs

N – Narrow Squats with Kickbacks

G – Goblet Squats

After each round was completed, we increased the Reps by 5.  So the second round had 10 reps and 10 Hillbillies.  Then 15, 20, 25, 30, and some even got started in 35.  We stopped with 15 minutes left so we could introduce all of our newbies to Batwings, Foxtrot, and Sally.

So next up was Batwings.  Since our highest rep was 35, we completed 35 of each exercise with no dropping of the arms between.  We kept them up the whole time!

Arm circles forward, arm circles backward, seal claps, overhead claps, and hallelujahs.

Next up was a new addition – the Foxtrot. We turned up the jam “What Does the Fox Say”.  We did LBCs to the tempo during the verses and Bicycles to the tempo during the chorus.  It was hilarious and pretty hard!

And last, but not least, we did Sally – the squat version.  Oh, how it burns!

We circled up with our name-o-rama and named our FNGs.  Welcome Birdie, Double, Party Animal, and Soda Pop!  We are so glad you joined us!  And I am so glad to see Cha Cha, Longhorn, Beaker, Hops, and Beachfront back again!

We closed with a prayer and reunited with our kiddos to go get dinner started.  It was such a great night, with beautiful sunshine, and the perfect way to bring in Spring!

Anouncements: Spring Fling is this Sunday!  Please join us! We are collecting brand new packs of underwear of all sizes for Must Ministries.  Keep working on those Bingos ladies!

Prayer Requests: Veena is undergoing her radiation treatment next week.  She is nervous and scared and can really use our prayers.  Our prayers were heard regarding her surgery.  Let’s do it again and get her through this.  Pray for her please.

I hope you all enjoy the rest of this week and can’t wait to see all of you again!

❤️, ⛅️

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