ABCS Dora-cides

There were 12 amazing PAX this morning at Foxtrot for the ABC’s Dora-cides beatdown. We got through 2 rounds and were about to start the third when time was up. The sunrise was beautiful as we challenged ourselves with this one. We all left sweaty and as always, better together!

The Warm-Up

Arm circles forward and backward, Through the Tunnels (IC) to get a little stretch before we started.

The Thang

PAX paired up for this Dora, during which one PAX would run “suicides” (three rows of cones were spaced across about 40 yards and Pax would start at first row, run to second row and back to first and then run to third row and back to first) while the partner did as many reps of the exercise until the runner was back. Then PAX would switch and continue the reps of the exercise while the other runs, moving on to the next exercise once all reps were completed for that move. The Rounds included:

Round 1 – Arms (150 bicep curls); Booty (200 Donkey Kicks); Cardio (250 mountain climbers); Stomach (300 bicycles)

Round 2 – Arms (150 tricep kickbacks); Booty (200 fire hydrants); Cardio (250 butt kicks); Stomach (300 Russian twists)

Round 3 – Arms (150 chest press); Booty (200 glute bridges); Cardio (250 jumping jacks); Stomach (300 reverse crunches)

We didn’t get to complete Round 3 so I’m sure it will appear at a beatdown in the future! We finished with about 3-4 minutes of stretching then did COT with prayers and Name-o-rama.

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