Introduction to FiA

We are a group of strong, energetic, and passionate women that strive to make ourselves and the world around us a little better every day. We offer free, peer-led, boot camp-style workouts, suitable for all fitness levels and age groups with multiple different locations (and growing regularly) in Cherokee County. Check out our calendar to see what works best with your schedule. We launched our first workout at Cherokee Veteran’s Park in October of 2017 and have continued to grow. We consider FiA more than just a workout; it is a chance to connect with women across our community. We push each other to be stronger, to make our community better, and to help serve those around us. We have fun, we build friendships, we take part in local events, and best of all, we support each other. 

We are a branch of the first and only region in the state of Georgia. We reside in Cherokee county – where metro meets the mountains. The Trail of Tears runs through our county, giving our area a rich Native American heritage. Our logo represents the local heritage of the land and our overall great State. We lovingly named our first AO “Foxtrot” and our second AO “The Den”. The fox in the FiA Alpha logo represents the ladies of Cherokee, making the fox a very important element in the FiA Cherokee logo. We are all fierce, strong, independent women but we are Better Together.