ABSolutely Dynamite

10 PAX joined me for a WINDY workout this morning.  The temperature was an actual 44 degrees, but it felt COLD! Our mats kept blowing away.  But, we stayed close to the ground most of the Beatdown.  Bikini season will be here before we know it, so I felt the need to get started on those abs right now!

We warmed up with a little game of Simon Says.  Simon Says: Arm Circles, Windmills, Through The Tunnels, Squats, and stretches.  The few that I tricked had to take a lap, but my ladies were on it this early AM.  We had very few that had to take a lap.  We all took a lap to get our blood flowing before we got started on the Thang.

The Thang: Bruce Lee

6 exercises, increasing reps, with a lap between sets.

LBCs, Bucycles, Russian Twists, Scissors, Herl Touches, In & Outs

We started with 5 of each, took a lap.  Then 10 if each and a lap.  We built to 25 each followed by a lap.

Then we moved on to our next Thang, borrowed from FiA Toledo’s Chick-fil-a: Dynamites

1. Everyone held plank while we passed 10 push ups down the line.  Once you finished your pushups, you flipped over and did flutter kicks, which signaled the next person to start their push-ups.  It continues down the line until the last person completes their push-ups, who the yells dynamite. Everyone together completes 5 burpees.

2. Everyone does Indian Style LBCs, passes down 10 cross crunches, then flips to Mountain Climbers until Dynamite.  Everyone does 5 burpees.

3. Torso Twists, pass 10 Imperial Walkers, then Sumo Side crunches until Dynamite, then 5 burpees.

I realized we didn’t do the squats I intended for us to do during the laps of Bruce Lee, so we did a ring of Fire to finish up our workout.  Everyone held chair, passed around 10 Squats, then pulsed after the Squats were done.  We ran a victory lap to loosen up the legs.  Then we circled up.

We took prayer requests and prayed together.  We closed with our Name-O-Rama and announcements.

Ruck Friday 9 am Etowah Park

Beatdown Saturday as regularly scheduled

New Years Day workout will be pushed to 9 AM

Bingo is back in January!

Great job ladies – y’all killed it, as usual!

❤️, ⛅️

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