7 PAX including 2 FNGs came out on this nice fall morning to The Thicket for an impromptu beatdown with Harley Quinn. Thunderstruck was supposed to Q today, but unfortunately was too ill to attend. We hope you feel better Thunderstruck!!!

We got to see the first appearance of The Thicket’s very own FiA flag!

~The Thang~

Salsa Verde started us off with a Zumba warm up.

We then moved on to do the famous accumulator. We started with the first exercise and then ran/walk a lap, adding an exercise after each lap.

5 push ups

10 jump squats

15 superman

20 calf raises

25 sumo squats

30 hillbillies

35 bicep curls

40 LBCs

The ladies that finished first held a plank until the group was done.

We then did 100 Russian twists with Straight Shooter to check off a bingo box and finished with 30 bridges.

After a quick cool down stretch, we did our COT and Nameorama.

Welcome to the family Veena and Hersey!

Veena got her name from the video game Ever Quest. She meet her husband on that game using that username. She also had her beloved dog named Veena, whom she misses dearly.

Hershey got her name from hershey chocolate. In her world, chocolate makes everything better. (I am sure we all agree). Hershey’s kisses to hershey syrup, she loves it all.  Hershey got a double respect!

Prayer requests: Thunderstruck on her recovery, Straight Shooter on moving and selling her house, and to all those recovering from the recent hurricane.

Socials: Screen on the green today in Partly Cloudy’s neighborhood at 6pm. Tomorrow we will have a private event at A&R Workshop from 4-7 in Milton.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Harley Quinn

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