Ad Hoc Run- Easy as 1, 2, 3!

Happy Fri-yay Ladies! We rolled outta bed dark and early and gambled on getting in a run without rain! Mother Nature tried to dissuade us, but we persevered through a couple of sprinkles and got it done!

The Thang: stretches to loosen up and get ready for challenging our legs and minds to push harder.

We were at the Den, so we had lots of well lit pavement to work with. We did one “easy” lap around the front carpool circle and then started interval running. With the lightposts as our segment markers, we ran “easy”, “moderate” and “hard” then back to “easy” around the circle. We continued to repeat these intervals back to our start point. After a couple of sets one direction, we went the other way. We focused on good form at all speeds with head up, shoulders back and loose, and arms/hands relaxed. We challenged ourselves on our “hard” intervals to get our legs and lungs to work harder and learn to recover.

After nearly two miles of intervals, we headed to the large student lot for a full lap to warm down and test our new stride a bit. It was a different way to run, not just hitting autopilot for a few miles and running in “wrong” directions forced us to find our stride and work on form. We finished with some stretching to keep our legs happy later today and headed out to conquer Friday! Thank you ladies for joining me, trying something different with your run workout, and helping us get #bettertogether! ❤️

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