All over the place!!

Motivational Quotes – Start watch!

Warm-up to the song. “The Champion “

Leg stretch’s, arm strengths, arm circles &

Pitbull’s Fireball – with Burpees. Stay moving the whole song.

Sally Squats – with heavy weights during the whole song, “Flower” by Molby.

Then we will did 11’s

Trusters with a heavy weights

(squat with a press up at the top)

Run to cones

Jump squats

Ran back to our mats.

Then Guac will take over the Q.

3 sets x 20 secs

1 – Renegade Rows

& Basketball shots

2 – Plank hip dips

& Bicycles

Close with words of encouragement, nameorama, prayers and high fives.

Great job ladies! Thanks for being flexible about our starting location. You all ROCKED IT!!

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