An AB-solutely Good Workout

8 PAX showed up this morning on this cold winter-like day. I’m so proud of you! This was my first Q @thethicket and I was a bit nervous but once we got started, I knew it would be a good workout. The focus for the day was on our midsection but I made sure that we hit all areas of the body too.  

For our Warm up, we started with a lap to get our bodies warmed up, then we did arm circles and windmills. All of this to the tune of Johnny Cash’s Ring of Fire. During our warm up I gave the disclosure and explained our workouts for the morning. 

The thing 

Our workout began with the Ring of Fire. Everyone did planks while one of the girls rolled the dice and did an exercise. The twist is that those doing the planks did a different variation of a plank at each new workout; upright plank, elbow plank, side planks, and downward dog. The exercises that we rotated through were as follows. When they rolled the dice, they would do the exercise that corresponds to the number on the dice; 1-Lunges x 10 each side, 2-Squats x 10, 3-Jumping Jacks x 10, 4-Side Hops x to point A and back, 5-Bear Crawls x to point A and back, 6- Burpees x 10. We did this twice through. Then we ran another lap. 

Our next set of exercises were concentrated on our midsection. It was a series of ab exercises done back to back with a 10 second rest, then repeated. The exercises were, in order, Box Cutter (borrowed from F3), Bicycle, Russian Twist, BGS, and Flutter kicks. Each exercise is done 15 times at your own pace. Once everyone completed two rounds, we ran another lap.  

Our last set of exercises was borrowed from F3, called Jack Webb’s. This is a series of push up’s and hallelujahs. We started with 1 push up, 4 hallelujahs; 2 push up’s, 8 hallelujahs; 3 push up’s, 12 hallelujahs; and so on till we reached 10 push up’s and 40 hallelujahs. Again, this was “at your own pace” till everyone was done. Then we ran one more lap. 

We had about 5 mins, maybe less, left so we did some more ab exercises by rolling the dice and doing the exercise noted above with #6 being a pick yourself. We did this till our second to the last song ended.  

Cool down 

Our last song was about 3 mins long, so we took this time to stretch our midsection, arms and legs. It’s amazing how fast that 3 mins went! 

We ended with COT, Name-a-Rama, prayer, and of course helping to name our FNG’s! 

I can’t wait to do my next Q in April! 

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