And Then There Were Two….The One With All the Song Challenges and Super Lt. Dan, and Other Leg Day Stuff

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June 20, 2019

Total Core Workout

June 20, 2019

  • When: 06/19/2019
  • Q: Kodak, Rise Up
  • Pax: Kodak, Rise Up

Riddle me this….Two friends come together to present a co-Q workout. One friend comes prepared with an arm, legs and ab song challenge. Beautiful and creative with a move for every bar and chorus of music. The other friend has nothing planned. Much like her beloved Tennessee Volunteers, she has no idea what is going to happen in the second half. So, we did some stretching and went straight to:


We started with an arm song challenge Sally is back and we did weighted Hallelujahs. Sally brought the pain, as usual. Next, we moved on to abs with a little Culo and we did torso twists and dead lifts with our weights. Wowsa! Next we took a long lap around the Arena including all the stairs. A cardio treat for all. Then we moved on to the second half. What’s going to happen? Well, I decided on a “Super Lt. Dan” I was on one end doing squats, while Kodak completed a very long Lt. Dan exercise. When completed, the ratio was 10 squats and 40 lunges. I went next, and Kodak did squats while I did 10 squats and 40 lunges. Leg time…yay! Next we did another song challenge to Usher’s “Yeah” glute bridges and cockroaches. Then we did Jack Webbs. The ratio is 10 push ups and 40 Hallelujahs! What a workout. It only takes two, and we had so much fun together. Thank you, Kodak. Thank you for making my morning awesome. We stretched a little, prayed over our friends, Name-O-Rama and then we were done.

Until next time,

Rise Up

Kelly Dyer

Originally posted to FiA Nation