Arms, Abs, Cardio DORA (with Black Widow)

The weather was awesome at FoxTrot tonight for the beatdown! 5 PAX joined me for a great workout tonight. We had one FNG, who was named Sunshine.

We started off with some good stretches to prepare us for our Doras.

The Thang

While the one partner was doing the reps, the other was running a lap.

Dora #1

100 Jumping Jacks

200 Russian Twists

300 Bicep Curls

***Black Widow***

After each Dora, we did a leg workout to the song Black Widow by Iggy Izalea. The chorus was mountain climbers to the beat, and each verse had variations of squats. Verse 1: Pulsating squat, verse 2: increment squats (gradually go deeper in the squat in a tempo of 1, 2, 3), after the last chorus: squat hold. 

Dora #2

100 Reverse Crunches

200 Flutter Kicks (total)

300 LBC’s

***Black Widow***

We ended with some good stretches and then prayed for each other.

So thankful for each of the FiA sisters who came out on spring break!

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