09/14/2021 - hideout - ♫♫ Oompa Loompa Doopety Dout…Thank You For Joining Me At The Hideout. ♫♫

AO: The Hideout

When: 09/14/2021

QIC: Domino


Number of Pax: 7

Number of FNGS: 1

Pax Names:

Inspector Gadget, Journey, Kona, Pilgrim, Prada, Xenon (FNG – Pronounced Zee-non), Domino


So…when I found out it’s Gobstopper Day…And I LOVE Willy Wonka (the original, not the atrocity with Johnny Depp)…OOOH!!  We’re doing this!  Add to that that we finally kidnapped…I mean indoctrinated…I mean…sweetly convinced the beautiful wife of an F3 to join us…it was a pretty epic morning.

First up, at 4 am, Prada, Inspector Gadget and I met up with our FNG, Xenon!  Why Xenon, you ask? I’m glad you asked!  Her husband’s F3 name is Neon.  Her son’s F3 name is Freon.  She’s a chemist…so we went with another element on the periodic table…that just so happened to rhyme…Xenon!  The 4 of us walked and talked and laughed and welcomed her to the cult…I mean…ummmm…club…yeah…club…PUT DOWN THE KOOL-AID!!!!!

At 5:30, I was joined by Pilgrim, Kona and Journey…and we got our beatdown on.  Our Willy Wonka style beatdown.

First…a warmup of some arm circles and Michael Phelps…and then a Candy Run. The Candy Run was an Indian Run where we all said something sweet that someone had done for us recently.  THEN The THANG:

20 reps of each exercise, Run after every two exercises, repeated twice

  • G    Goblet Squats
  • O    OMG!! Squats (Jump Squats)
  • B    Backwards Lunges (Sets)
  • S     Shoulder Press
  • T     Tricep Dips
  • O     Overhead Tricep Extensions
  • P     Plank Jacks
  • P     Plank Up Downs
  • E     Elevated Merkins
  • R     Russian Twists (Sets)

It was a little tough, but honestly one of my favorite mornings in a long time.  Surrounded by my amazing friends who make my world a little brighter…or…dare I say it…Sweeter.

Followed by COT and Name-Oh-Rama.

Thank you ladies for joining me this morning!  You make my heart happy.  Also…THE SNOZBERRIES TASTE LIKE SNOZBERRIES!!!!!!!


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