03/07/2020 - thicket - πŸͺ COOKIES πŸͺ

AO: The Thicket

When: 03/07/2020

QIC: Wonder Woman


Number of Pax: 4

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

Killer K, Mariposa, Blessing


We had an amazing 4 PAX at AO The Thicket on Saturday. The smiles and energy were awesome. It was so nice to see each other AND the sun. We started out a little cold from the wind but we quickly warmed up. Shedding those layers. The ladies came prepared and ready to work hard and run, run, run.

  • Warm up –

TTT – toy soldiers – high knees – butt kicks – jumping jacks – windmills – arm circles – gate swings

  • The Thang –

The 4 of us worked with our partner. When one of the partners was running the other one was doing their reps of each exercise. Each of us did the full rep count while the other partner was running. If our partner got back before we were done our reps, then we started off where we left off when we got back from our lap.

50 – Crunches

25 – Over-head presses

50 – On the move squats

25 – Kettle Bells swings

50 – In-&-Outs

25 – Elongated Push-ups

50 – Sit-ups

We went down COOKIES & and back up COOKIES! It was a great workout. Lots of steps with a great calorie burn.

After our workout we did some basic stretches, COT, Nameorama, hugs, high fives and I talked about Q school. Blessing will have her VQ soon. She is going to be an amazing Q. Look for her name on the Q sheet FiA Cherokee!! Killer K is a powerhouse and I hope that with school giving her a little break she will be Qing soon too. Mariposa ran amazingly and kept me moving. She is so strong! Thanks for being my partner Mariposa.


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