03/03/2021 - lair - 100 Donkey’s & 100 Stairs

AO: The Lair

When: 03/03/2021

QIC: Wonder Woman


Number of Pax: 5

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

Valkyrie, Semper Fi, Chocolate Chip, Straight Shooter


5 PAX at AO The Lair this morning. The weather was not too chilly as soon as we warmed up. Semper Fi and I complained a little bit about it at 5:00 AM.  We are both ready for the summer. We talked as we took our stuff out of our cars and set up. We walked over a mile warming up and chatting about our family ins-&-outs during our pre-workout walk. At 5:30 AM the rest of the PAX were there and ready to get started. We started on time as we pushed play on the music to Rock through the workout.

– Warm UP – 

Micheal Philps –  Jumping Jacks IC  – Squats with a ground touch – Shoulder mobility: arms out with shoulder rotations & a big warm-up lap

 – The Thang –

Century Club  – RING THE BELL WHEN YOU & YOUR PARTNER HIT 100 REPS – Partner up – One partner does the exercises & the other one goes to the top of the stairs, around the light pole and back to your partner.

100 Reps Total

Peter Parker’s
Donkey Kicks
Lateral lunge w/ bicep curl
Glute Bridge w/kick out (hold weight on hips)
Bird Dog (leg and opp arm lift)
Squats w/weighted swing (kettle-bell swings)
Windshield Wipers
Crunches – style of choice
Curtsy lunge – weighted

It was a great workout that took us the whole hour. It was nice to get out and get it done! We laughed a little, we sweated a little and we prayed a little for our friends and family. We are all going through a little or a lot right now. It’s ok to ask for prayers. Its ok to need more sleep. Its ok to put your family first. Just remember ladies that you need to do for YOU as well. You are a better you for all that you care for if you take time for yourself. Be good to yourself. Have a happy Wednesday.


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