11/30/2019 - foxtrot - 1,000 & More

AO: Foxtrot

When: 11/30/2019

QIC: Straight Shooter


Number of Pax: 9

Number of FNGS: 1

Pax Names:

Chai, Smooth Operator, Chocolate Chip, Yellowstone, Queenie (FNG), Cyrus (Birmingham), Wonder Woman, Partly Cloudy, Straight Shooter


9 pax met on a relatively mild weather day to get our workout in and our day going.  This time of year is so crazy with the holidays.  It is nice to meet, work out, and have some coffeteria together before going about our crazy day, week, month, etc.  We had Cyrus from FiA Birmingham join us along with her niece who we named Queenie.

Warm up:

Stretches in place and then we played a game of Would You Rather.  For the first 5 if you preferred the first option then you side shuffled left and if you preferred the second option you went right.  For the last 5 you power skipped instead.

The Thang:

We completed 1,000 reps and more. After each section we ran a lap or did a plank until everyone got done and started the next round together.

Round 1

25 push ups

50 lunges

25 tricep dips

50 wood chops

100 high knees

Round 2

25 calf raises

50 mountain climbers

25 donkey kicks

50 plank taps

100 squats

Round 3

25 tricep extensions

50 upright rows

25 hammer curls

50 bear squats

100 jumping jacks

Round 4

25 curtsy lunges

50 standing side bends

25 overhead press

50 fire hydrants

100 plank jacks

Round 5

25 in & outs

50 Russian twists

25 windshield wipers

50 LBC’s

100 jump ropes

We had a little time left so we did a few rounds of Ring of Fire. We all did chicken wings while we passed around 5 front raises. Then we all did scarecrows while we passed around 10 overhead press. Next we all did heel taps while we passed 5 big girl sit ups.  We ended with pretzel crunches while we passed 3 reverse crunches.

After all that, we circled up, prayed, did name o rama and named our FNG Queenie.

Announcements: Don’t forget we are gathering new unwarapped toys for boys & girls ages 1-12 for CHOA that Wonder Woman & her fellow ruckers will turn in for us on the 15th.  Give to any of the Q’s by the 14th and I will get with them for pick up.

Also, we will our converge at Foxtrot on the 21st for our Christmas White Elephant exchange.  You don’t want to miss it.


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