02/11/2021 - rock - 11s/ Bear crawl suicides

AO: The Rock

When: 02/11/2021

QIC: Trail Mix


Number of Pax: 10

Number of FNGS: 1

Pax Names:

Tex Mex, Beaker, Healthy Mama, Tinsel, Forrest, straight Shooter, Cookie Monster, Giddy Up, Albaba (FNG), Trail Mix


Thank you for joining me on such a rainy and yucky night! I absolutely love my Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights with you ladies! We had 2.0s Eagle and Sea Otter getting their workout in with scooters in the rain!

Warm up: stretches, through the tunnels, jumping jacks, arm circles, etc.

The thang: We started out with 11s under the covered area to stay dry. 1 man maker, run, 10 sets squat kick backs. 2 man makers, run, 9 sets squat kick backs. 3 man makers, run, 8 squat kick backs and so on all the way to 10 man makers and 1 set squat kick backs.

Water break and rest for next activity.

Every other post had an exercise on it (4 total). Bear crawl to the 2nd post and do 20 monkey humpers, Bear crawl to the 4th post and do 20 sets shoulder taps. Bear crawl to the 6th post and do 10 figure four squats on each side. Bear crawl to the 8th post and do 20 touch downs. Run back to the starting point. We did this about 5 times.

Water break and rest. We finished the workout with the tub thumping song exercise. We did jumping jacks throughout the song, but every time the song say “I get knocked down” everyone drops down to do a burpee.

Healthy Mama led us in prayer. We named our FNG and did the name-o-rama. Welcome Alibaba!!



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