01/11/2020 - foxtrot - 11’s on the 11th!

AO: Foxtrot

When: 01/11/2020

QIC: Whole Coconut


Number of Pax: 12

Number of FNGS: 1

Pax Names:

Pinterest, Partly Cloudy, Chocolate Chip, Sugarland, Blue Belle, Cookie Monster, Possum, Bridesmaid, Karaoke Queen, FNG Danielle (Passport), Wonder Woman


Whew, was it windy and drizzly out at Foxtrot today!! That didn’t stop 12 Pax from taking advantage of mild temps to come and work on 2020 goals for health and fitness today! We got a little damp, a lot tired, and #bettertogether on the “birthday” of FiA!

The Thang:

It’s January 11, so of course we did 3 rounds of 11s after the warmup!

Warmup – arm circles forward and backward, Michael Phelps, windmills IC and Side straddle hops IC

We moved from the picnic tables over to the nearby path for a clearer space to run between exercises to do the 11s. As you recall, this is two exercises with a run in between and where your total rep count is always 11 as you subtract 1 rep each round on one exercise and add 1 rep each round to the other. We did the following pairs:

Push ups and narrow squats

Big girl sit-ups and deadlifts

Plank jacks and curl-to-press

We wrapped on time with COT lifting up lots of prayer for healing, comfort and protection. Name-o-Rama included naming our FNG – welcome PASSPORT! We enjoyed coffeeteria and some catching up after the holidays! Wonder Woman joined us for coffee and hugs!
What a great group out there today! These ladies were working hard in less than ideal conditions! I’m super proud of their efforts and success! Can’t wait to sweat with you again girls!!

❤️ Whole Coconut


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