12/12/2020 - foxtrot - 12 Days of Christmas Ball Presents

AO: Foxtrot

When: 12/12/2020

QIC: Wonder Woman


Number of Pax: 17

Number of FNGS: 1

Pax Names:

FNG-Prada, Blue Bell, Raptor, Karaoke Queen, Orange Pekoe, Chocolate Chip, Semper Fi, Straight Shooter, Tread, Pilgrim, Coach, LOVE, Journal, Lucky, Comet, Chai


17 PAX at AO Foxtrot. We had a group of 4 start at 7:00 for a pre-workout Ruck. The hour flew by as we finished 3 miles before the Beat-down. We gathered at 8:00 AM at the playground picnic tables to jump into our workout. The group grew and grew. It was a great crowd. We started with a little warm up after I turned on the rock music and said the disclaimer. 

Warm-Up –

TTT, Toy Soldiers & Windmills. Then we took our huge group for an Indian Run around the Veterans Monument. As we ran we sang Christmas Carols. I believe we sang 4 songs. We sounded amazing but we may have been laughing more than we were singing. We were all singing loud and proud filling up the park with sweet holiday love and laughter. When we made it back to our mats we drank water took a breather and started picking our 12 Days of Christmas presents.

The Thang –

We had a huge paper list that read “Dear Santa, All I want for Christmas is…”, at the top. I had a bucket of Christmas Balls that had different exercises on them. To create our workout each PAX picked a Ball. The ball had our PRESENT for the 12 days of Christmas on it. The Exercise on the ball was the presents. We did the exercises in 10 reps and 20 reps. Example …

1st Day of Christmas 10 Mountain Climbers

2nd Day of Christmas 20 Squats

3rd Day of Christmas 10 Star Jumps

4th Day of Christmas 20 Jump Ropes

Etc … till we hit 12 Days.

Then we stop picking Christmas Balls and Ran through the 12 Days again from the top.

We Ran a lap on the 6th day of Christmas and after the last day. We had a group of runners and walkers. We had a group of racers too. Lots of fun. We also held a plank while we were waiting for our FiA sisters to use the ladies room multiple times. This gave us about 5 to 8 minutes of Plank time thought out the hour workout. That was super entertaining. Lots of chatter-chatter.

After we ran through the 12 days of Christmas 2 times we started from the top and picked new exercise for our NEW 12 Days of Christmas. The PAX that did not get to choice Christmas Balls before picked first. We picked 12 more days of Christmas exercise and ran through those 12 exercises twice as well. We did around 2 miles of laps and had an great calorie burn.

We had 2.5 minutes at the end to do a few stretches and drink the rest of our water.

We then had a nameorama and named our FNG. Welcome new FiA sister Prada. She is a runner and will be running with us soon as well. We took a quick picture and said a short prayer. We had coffee, all the goodies and had great conversation. It was an amazing start to a wonderful day. 


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