07/28/2020 - valley -

AO: The Valley

When: 07/28/2020

QIC: Mama bear


Number of Pax: 5

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

Kodak, Ramsey, killerK, Hallelujah, Mama Bear


For my VQ we did the Thang Tabata style.

We warmed up with 20 donkey kicks (each leg) 20 fire hydrants and 20 rainbows. Then we did 10 plank to runners lunge to a twist. Then we started the timer.

One min exercise. Ten second rest.

Squat to hillbillies. High knees. Plank to bear crawl Squat. Low Squat to star jump. Dead lift to up right row. 3 shuffle lunge. Touch your toes crunches. Then we took a small lap to bring us back to finish it out. Bear crawl hover to single arm row. Kettle bell swing to Squat. V-ups. Standing weight punch. Squat to hammer curl. BGS or LBC. Lap and then straight into round two.

We finished with OYO stretching.

Prayed and Name O Rama.

Thanks ladies for a fun workout!




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