10/10/2020 - thicket -

AO: The Thicket

When: 10/10/2020

QIC: Inspector Gadget


Number of Pax: 15

Number of FNGS: 1

Pax Names:

Chef, Served, Tiny Dancer, Von Trapp, Seinfeld, Kodak, Chop, Journey, Wonder Woman, Previ, Belle, FNG Ultra (Kelli), Sporty Spice, Domino


Not gonna lie but with all the rain we had been getting for the last few days I did not expect to have many people join me for the beatdown this morning but I was pleasantly surprised to see 14 PAX (including 1 FNG) join me for the workout. Southern Charm came just in time for coffeteria & Q school so we let her join the picture since we were so happy to see her.

We did a quick warm-up then got to work on the Thang. Since my birthday is on Monday I decided to see how well the PAX know me with some true/false statements about me. I gave them two exercises (one for True & one for False) for each statement & told them to do 39 reps (my age as of Monday) of the exercise that corresponded with what they thought was the correct answer. I waited till everyone had started before I revealed the answer. Since I didn’t want them to miss out on any exercise we all did 12 reps together of the exercise that corresponded with the correct answer. After 2 statements we ran or walked a lap. The exercises we worked our way through were: 1. hillbillies / imperial walkers, 2. bicep curls / hammer curls, 3. narrow squats/sumo squats, 4. standing side bend crunches / toy soldiers, 5. overhead press / around the worlds, 6. monkey humpers / smurf jacks. We repeated each combination of exercises twice.

Here are the T/F statements:

1. I have been in the operating room during an open heart surgery (T)

2. I was a cheerleader for five years (T)

3. I have three step brothers (F; I have 2 step brothers & 1 step sister)

4. I was valedictorian in high school (T)

5. I have lived in GA my whole life (F; I moved to Indiana for 3.5 years after college)

6. I’m a Falcons & Braves fan (F; Steelers & Braves fan)

7. I love Hallmark movies (T)

8. I got engaged at a FiA beatdown (T)

9. I have two tattoos (F; none…yet)

10. My favorite color is pink (F; blue)

11. I sleep with a fan on regardless of the temperature (T)

12. I have 4 kids (T; 3 by birth & 1 bonus son)

We completed all 12 rounds & all 6 laps but still had a few minutes left so we ended with Bat Wings allowing some ladies got to check off a Bingo box & then we circled up for some prayers & Name-o-Rama.

During NoR, I told the ladies about a “before I turn 40 bucket list” I have & the 3 things I still have on my list so I asked each of them to tell me something they have on their own bucket list as they said their names. Everyone had some amazing things they want to do one day from half marathons, full marathons, ultra marathons, & sky diving to camping in the Grand Canyon, traveling to Alaska, Paris, Spain, Italy & attending seminary school.

We named our FNG (Kelli) Ultra as she has ran at least 10 marathons but has never ran an official ultra & would love to cross that one off her bucket list. After the beatdown many of the ladies stayed for Q school where we all talked about how much fun it is to Q a workout & Domino gave everyone some amazing goodie bags.

I do declare….It was a wonderful Saturday with my FiA sisters.


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