06/25/2021 - valley -

AO: valley

When: 06/25/2021

QIC: Mama Bear


Number of Pax: 9

Number of FNGS: 1

Pax Names:

Switchback, Dory, Ramsey, Kodak, Hallelujah, FNG Fuji, Hotwheelz, Fonda, Mama Bear


We did four rounds of three sets with a lap in between each round. Each set was done for 30 sec and then rinse and repeat. We finished with a little true or false about myself which was fun!

round one x2: twisted v-ups, squat to curtesy lunge, Arnold press repeat the round


round two x2: bourbons, flutter kicks, reverse chest fly


round three x2: Bulgarian split squat (L), glute hold pullover, Bulgarian split squat (R)


round four x2: chest press, boat hold, rosalitas

true or false if the answer was true we did 10 rotator cuffs if the answer was false we did 20 glute kick backs

finished with COT and NOR and named our FNG welcome Fuji!


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