01/02/2020 - valley - 2020

AO: The Valley

When: 01/02/2020

QIC: Canon


Number of Pax: 6

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

Canon, Homeland, Seinfield, Kodak, Sporty Spice, Von Trapp


It was  cold and rainy this morning but we all came to work on our goals! We started with some light stretches and jumping jacks in cadence and through the tunnels in cadence and then got right to it.

The Thang-

20 Exercises for 20 Seconds- We did Lt. Dans across the whole pavillion (there and back) after each set of 10. We completed two whole rounds.

1- Steering Wheels

2- Merkins

3- Chest Flies

4- Deadlifts

5- Bicep Curls

6- Overhead Press

7- Y raises

8- Hammer Curls

9- Around the Worlds

10- Hallelujahs

11- Bicycles

12- Pretzel Crunches

13- Penguins

14- Flutter Kicks

15- Little Baby Crunches

16- Leg Raises

17- Big Girl Situps

18- In and Outs

19- Rosalitas

20- Hold Plank

After we completed both rounds,we did 2 Ring of fires- The first was Pax hold Squats while we passed around 10 Jump Squats. The second one was Pax hold plank while we passed around 20 Russian Twist (sets)

Then we had a few minutes left and finished with Bat Wings- (25 forward circles, 25 backward circles, 25 seal claps, 25 overhead claps, 25 hallelujahs)

Finished with some good arm and leg stretches. COT and Name-o-rama

Thanks for joining me ladies!


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