02/09/2022 - lair - 2+9=11’s!

AO: The Lair

When: 02/09/2022

QIC: Choo Choo


Number of Pax: 6

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

Spartan, Straight Shooter, Chocolate Chip, Dr Doolittle, Goldie, and me Choo Choo


5 fabulous FiAs joined me to get swoll! I promised them we would be moving and lifting and that’s what we did!

Round 1: Start at one end of the parking lot and do 1 Bicep curl to Overhead Press, then Run to the cones, and do 10 Squat Jumps. Then Run back and do 2 Bicep curl to Overhead Press, run back to cones, and do 9 Squat Jumps, continuing until you reached 10 Bicep Curls to Overhead Press and 1 Squat Jump.

Round 2: Exercises were 1 Merkin w/ hip dip to each side then Grapevine to the cones, and do 10 Narrow Squats w/ leg extensions (sets). Then Grapevine back and continue until you reach 11 Merkins w/ Hip Dips and 1 Narrow Squat with leg extensions.

Round 3: Exercises were 1 Peter Parker (both legs), then Side Shuffle down the lot and do 10 Sumo Squat Side-Bends.

We didn’t quite make it through the 3rd round but we solved quite a few of the worlds problems. The chit-chat while working out is always one of my favorite parts of the day. Thanks for joining me ladies! As always…Better Together!


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