12/08/2021 - lair - 3-6-9

AO: The Lair

When: 12/08/2021

QIC: Dr. Doolittle


Number of Pax: 11

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

Mountain Momma, Killa, Aquamarine, ChooChoo, Semper Fi, Hat Trick, Wonder Woman, Chocolate Chip, Spartan, Goldie and me Dr Doolittle


I was kinda surprised to see so many smiling faces show up this morning in the cold rainy weather!  We had to all squish into the remaining dry spots on the cement and there weren’t many left!
I realized afterwards that I forgot to do a warm up but we warmed up pretty quickly!

We started with our 3-6-9- 3 sets of exercises for 6 minutes, 9 reps each.

Round 1- overhead tricep extensions, merkins and robots(bc I couldn’t find a name for it- rotating arms in a bent position up and then in)

Run to the light post and back

Round 2- Monkey humpers, fire hydrants and sumo squats.

Run to the light post

Round 3- LBCs, Flutter kicks and glute bridges

Round 4- Skaters, jumping jacks, mountain climbers

Run to the light post

Round 5- Bicep curls, overhead press and Reverse fly

We finished up with a song challenge to “Here comes Santa Claus”.  We alternated lunge pulses and every time he says Santa Claus we did a burpee.  It ended up being mostly nonstop burpees 🤣.

We finished with a pic and COT.
Thanks for a great morning!


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