07/21/2020 - hideout - 40’s for Mah Homies

AO: The Hideout

When: 07/21/2020

QIC: Southern Charm


Number of Pax: 9

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

Inspector Gadget, KillerK, Domino, Dunkin, Journey, Blessings, Charity, Professor, Southern Charm


I’ve finally come out of my sabbatical & had 8 beautiful ladies join me on another humid morning (that dew point holding steady at 72 😣).

4 of us even got some early steps to start our day!!

We started off with a warmup of arm circles, Michael Phelps, & through the tunnels while I explained The Thang!

While I was in Jacksonville I met up for a workout with our J-Ville FiA sisters & they put a hurtin on me so, being the giver that I am, I thought I would share ☺️

The Thang –

It’s pretty simple & just like elevens but for a total of forty. I actually can’t believe I had something with so much counting, but thank goodness for my sweet friends who kept me on track!!

We started with 30 reps at our mats & then ran to our weights for 10 reps,back to our mats for 25 reps & ran back for 15 reps & so on. We kept this up until the 2nd exercise reached 10! After we finished each set we took a lap.


Exercises- increments of 30 25 20 15 10:

Pushups & Plié squats

Walking lunges & Sit-ups

Raggedy Ann’s & Bicep Curls


We had a little time left over (because everyone is awesome) so we did an ab call out.

We closed with COT & prayers for Fancy Boot’s surgery today, we know you got this girl!!!!

Thank you ladies for hanging out with me this morning & making my day better ❤️


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