01/10/2020 - rock - 5 x 5

AO: The Rock

When: 01/10/2020

QIC: Owlette


Number of Pax: 4

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

Straight Shooter, Healthy Mama, HGTV, and Owlette.


3 pax joined me this evening at the Rock.  We started with some warmups that included Arm circles, Michael Phelps, high knees, arm sid strtches, and squat push outs.   Once we were warmed up, we got down to business.

The Thang:

To ight we did the 5×5! 3 rounds of 5 exercises going up in reps by 5. All exercises were in sets and we took a lap after each round.

Round 1:

10 reps – Bear squats
15 reps – Merkins
20 reps – Clam shells
25 reps – Calf raises
30 reps – Revese Lunges

Round 2:

10 reps – Bicep curls
15 reps – Tricep kickbacks
20 reps – Standing donkey kicks
25 reps – Side crunches
30 reps – Front punches

Round 3:

10 reps – Carolina dry docks
15 reps – Monkey humpers
20 reps – Woodchops
25 reps – Upright rows
30 reps- Fire hydrants

We were able to get through 2 full rounds and got in 2 rounds of Ring of fire.

R1: Song – Ring of fire
We passed around overhead presses while in squat position.

R2: Song – Single ladies
We passed around elbow press while doing Morracian night clubs.

It was almost time so we got some stretching in and circled up.

Name O Rama & COT:

We circled up for Name -O-Rama & said our prayer’s.


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