03/11/2021 - foxtrot - 8-station Conveyor Belt

AO: Foxtrot

When: 03/11/2021

QIC: Shrinky Dink


Number of Pax: 7

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

Valkyrie, Mater, Killa, Choo Choo, Dr. Dolittle, Partly Cloudy


I was excited for the somewhat warmer temps this morning – 45 is so much better than 30! A couple of us even shed a layer during the beatdown. I decided to bring a timed conveyor belt with 8 stations for today’s workout. We warmed up with some arm circles as I explained the stations and how it would work.

The Thang – I set up 8 cones spaced about 3 parking spaces apart and at each cone Pax would do a different exercise. Pax chose a cone to start at and made their way to all 8 to complete the round. I planned 3 rounds and different travel each round between the cones. At the end of each round we took a lap, got some water, and started again.

Round 1 – lunge walk between cones, run from cone 8 to cone 1

Round 2 – bear crawl between cones, run from cone 8 to cone 1

Round 3 – curtsy lunge walk between cones, alternating the starting leg each time, run from cone 8 to cone 1

Cone 1 – Squat with kickback (alt. legs)

Cone 2 – Leg lifts (our mats were here at station 2)

Cone 3 Pick me ups

Cone 4 – Moroccan Night Clubs

Cone 5 – Bear Squats

Cone 6 – Torso Twist (one weight was here at station 6)

Cone 7 – Toe taps

Cone 8 – Tricep extensions (one weight was here at station 8)


I had a song challenge planned but it will have to wait til the next Q! We circled up, prayed, did NOR, and headed out (forgot the picture!!!!). Thanks for joining me this morning ladies!


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