04/06/2022 - lair - A good ol’ Alarm-scalator

AO: The Lair

When: 04/06/2022

QIC: Dr Doolittle


Number of Pax: 2

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

Chocolate chip


I wasn’t sure if anyone was going to show up this morning so I sat in my car ready to drive back home and go back to sleep.  All of a sudden Chocolate Chip saved the day and sped around the corner into the parking lot 😆

We did an Alarm-scalator this morning and it was a doozy!  I had all intentions of doing three of them but we only got to 2.   We started with a jog around the loop to warm up.

We then started the ALARM.  We added 5 reps with each exercise and ran a small loop between each.  A was  5, then AL 5+10, then ALA 5+10+15, then run up the stairs to the light pole, then ALARM 5+10+15+20


A- bicep curls

L- Side step and squat pulses on each side

A- Crunch and twists

R- Run to light pole

M- Merkins


A- Robot raises

L- Gorilla squats

A- Reverse crunches

R- Run to light pole

M- Marionettes (sets)

We ran out of time to do the last ALARM so we ended with a 2 minute wall sit.

We finished with a quick prayer and COT.  It was so nice chatting with a new friend this morning.   So thankful for this group!!


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