05/24/2021 - union - A little bit of Everything

AO: The Union

When: 05/24/2021

QIC: Valkyrie


Number of Pax: 13

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

Mator, Killa, Smooth Operator, Chocolate Chip, Valkyrie, Greyhound, Hallmark, Quac, Valor, Diggity Dog, Wonder Woman, LakeLife, & Charity.


A beautiful morning for a little bit of everything..

13 PAX at AO The Union started with some arm warm-ups and stretching from the ground to the sky.

To really get warmed up and sweaty, we did some Ring of Fire (a personal favorite) which ended up awesome because of the big crowd, so it kicked our butts.

  1. High-Knees passing 5 Burpees
  2. Full Body Twists with weights passing 15 arm circles with weights
  3. Tricep Dips at the curb passing 10 squats
  4. Sit-Ups passing 10 penguin sets


Then some, Run Forest Run

We picked partners and while one lady ran the big loop in the parking lot, the other was either doing bear crawls or forward walking lunges. We alternated which non-running workout after you came back from running. This really got everyone hating me 😛

For the last 5 minutes, we ended with a song challenge to “Its Goin’ Down” by Young Joc. During the song, we all held an extended plank, when the words “Its Goin’ Down” was said, we would go to our elbows and work our way back up to the extended plank. This was awesome and effective due to holding a plank for about 4 minutes while working our arms to the ground and back up.


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