10/26/2021 - valley - About your Q

AO: valley

When: 10/26/2021

QIC: Miss Magnolia


Number of Pax: 6

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

Luna, Compass, Van Gogh, Seinfeld, Kodak


Today was my first Q! The morning started windy, cloudy and chilly and by the end, we had a beautiful blue sunny sky!
I tried to get creative with the Beatdown so I came up with exercises that corresponded the first letter of random facts about me.

1. Born in Colombia – 10 Curtsy Lunges (each leg – 20 total)  -> Run/Walk

2. I’m a pediatric RN and SAHM (currently) – 13 Reverse Crunches + 14 Shoulder Taps -> Run/Walk

3. Married 7 years – 7 Military Presses (single, single, double) -> Run/walk

4. Mom to Addie + Leo –
-10 Alternating Squats (squat with alternating exercise of choice)
-10 Lat pullover with knee tucks -> Run/Walk

We repeated circuits 1-4 for 30 minutes then moved on to AMRAPS

Hobby AMRAPS – 1 minute each
1. Hiking- Hammer Curls
2. DIY – Downward Dog Toe Taps
3. Home Decor – Hip Thrusts
4. Photography – Punches

Completed this for 2 circuits and had some time leftover so the other girls each chose an exercise for more 1 minute AMRAPs

Ended the beatdown with a stretch and praised the Lord for some answered prayers and just overall thankful for His Presence and His goodness.

Thanks for letting me Q! It was a lot of fun!





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