01/07/2021 - adhoc - ABSolute ARMageddon

AO: AdHoc

When: 01/07/2021

QIC: Domino


Number of Pax: 5

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

Chef, Happy Trees, Journey, Raptor, Domino


You guys…I have no words for this morning.  I said this on Facebook earlier, but I have always struggled with feeling like I belong…like I’m not too much for people and that I’m accepted.  And then something like this morning happens.  I’ve been sad that I can’t run with my friends…so I had the idea to do some ad hoc beatdowns in the same place/time as a couple of our run AOs so that I could still be there.  A few people seemed excited, but I still was worried that I’d be there working out by myself…but, in true FiA fashion, that was FAR from what happened.  4 other beautiful PAX met up with me to work out while the runners ran their miles.  Besides the exercises, there was laughter…there was life discussion…and there was joy and support.  THIS is what FiA is.  This is the epitome of #BetterTogether.

Ok…The Thang:

ABSolute ARMageddon

  • A  ABC Alphabet (Upper Case and then Lower Case)
  • B  Big Girl Sit-Ups – 30
  • S  Side Bends (Weighted) – 30 Sets
    • Lap (Run, Walk or Crutch)
  • O  Oblique Twists (Horizontal) – 30 Sets
  • L  Leg Raises – 30
  • U  Unicycles – 30
    • Lap (Run, Walk or Crutch)
  • T  The Hollow Rock – 30 Seconds
  • E  Elbow to Knees – 30 Sets
  • A  Around the Worlds – 30
    • Lap (Run, Walk or Crutch)
  • R  Rows – Underhanded – 30
  • M  Merkins – 30
  • A  Arnold Press – 30
  • G  Gun Show – 30 Total
  • E  Elevated Merkins – 30
  • D  Dumbbell Curls – 30
  • D  Dips – 30
  • O  Overhead Tricep Extensions – 30
  • Narrow Push-Ups on Knees – 30

We literally finished up RIGHT as the runners came back, so it was perfect timing!

Thank you, ladies, for coming out this morning.  I love every single one of you.  <3


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