07/21/2021 - lair - AfLAC Timer/Olympic Beatdown

AO: The Lair

When: 07/21/2021

QIC: Choo Choo


Number of Pax: 5

Number of FNGS: 0

Pax Names:

Straight Shooter, Semper Fi, Fleetwood, Birdie, and me, Choo Choo


AfLAC Timer Beatdown:
4 beauties joined me this morning for a FiA Olympic beatdown. I had planned to start our warm-up with a fun little Regional event…the Eye Contact Game. But with only 5 of us, that would have been over in 2 seconds! Lol! So we opted for some Through the Tunnels and some high-knees to get the blood flowing.
For anyone else that may have a larger crowd and wants to do the Eye Contact Game…
Everyone stands in a circle holding chair and looking at the ground. The Q calls 1, 2, 3 and on 3 everyone has to look at another PAX…anyone in the circle. If you make eye contact, you are out and the circle gets smaller until there are just 2 people left. When you are out, you have to do either jumping jacks or jump ropes in place until the game is over.

So the beatdown…this is my timed AfLAC workout. Arms, “freakin” Legs, Abs, and Cardio.

The Thang
You do a series of 3 Arm exercises, 3 (freakin’) Legs, 3 Abs, and then Cardio. Each exercise is 50 seconds and you have 6 seconds in-between to get ready for the next one.
At the end of each Round we did our Cardio by running up the stairs, back down and then the big lap, and back to our mats for a quick swig of water before we started the next Round.
The exercises included:
Round 1:
Arms – Bicep Curls, Tricep Kickbacks, and Upright Rows
Legs – Sumo Squats, Alternating Lunges, Donkey Kicks w/ Pulse at Top
Abs – LBCs, Bourbons, Penguins
Cardio – Run a stair lap

Round 2:
Arms – Merkins, Overhead Press, Crossbody Tricep Extensions
Legs – Narrow Squats, Curtsy Lunges, Hold Chair
Abs – Russian Twists, In & Outs, Pretzel Crunches
Cardio – Run a stair lap

Round 3:
Arms – Around the Worlds, Shoulder Taps, Chest Press
Legs – Crockpot squats, Reverse Lunges, Calf Raises
Abs – Flutter Kicks, Bicycles, Hold Plank
Cardio – Run a stair lap

We finished with a quick fun FiA Olympics game. You sit criss-cross on the ground with a cup of water on your head and have to stand without spilling it. Both Fleetwood and Semper Fi were successful. Straight Shooter,  Goldie and myself…not so much. 🤣 Then we circled up for prayer and Name-O-Rama.
Thanks for joining me this morning, ladies!


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